Susan Harlan

Susan Harlan

I'm a writer.

Susan is an English professor at Wake Forest University and a freelance writer. She exercises academic freedom, but she consistently fails to exercise. Please visit her website:

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Alabama harlan 768x576 article


Listing the road, from North Carolina to Texas and back.

Schoolmarm article
The Hairpin

THE HAIRPIN — How To Be a Truly Great Schoolmarm

It starts with a good bun.

Marion article

JEZEBEL: PICTORIAL — The Grande Dame Who Collects History in One of New York's Oldest Homes

She has a cemetery. And a lot of chalkware Snow Whites.

Winchesterhouse pchang 4330.0 article

CURBED — Winchester Mystery House, a home built by guns and guilt

An architecture of grief and guilt in San Jose, CA.

Viking article

QUEEN MOB'S TEA HOUSE — Please Join Me On My Boozy and Culturally Simulating Viking River Cruise

I'm totally kidding. Unless you want to go. But otherwise I'm totally kidding.

Macbeth 1 768x384 article

THE TOAST — Great House Therapy: Lady Macbeth's Murderous Mansion of Death

Decorating advice from the hostess with the mostest.